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Automated Alert Validation​

Cybots understands your security teams review several thousand alerts each day, on average. The developed CyberTotal analyses intelligence that matters to your security team and automatically prioritizes for you.

Prioritised Analysis

24/7 Threat Hunting

Filters Fake Threats

Conserve Human Capital

Let us explain the above in detail.
Having Automated Alert Validation enables your security analysts to be ten times more productive. It automatically reviews, analyses, and prioritises your Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) alerts—filtering out false positives and false negatives—so you can focus on real threats. It escalates and addresses security alerts which need immediate attention, thus enabling your SOC managers and security team to focus on real threats.

Also, it streamlines and utilises your existing cyber security infrastructure, reduces noise, and enables your team to prevent security incidents from becoming full-blown breaches.

At the same time, it reduces the resources required to manually review your SIEM alert logs and low-priority alerts, allowing them to focus on high-priority, validated alert.

Here, it is our goal to use tools that automate the process of classifying alerts, routing alerts to appropriate work groups, and prioritising indeterminate alerts.

To Future You.

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