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We protect more than just a company.

What is Cybots?

Cybots MDR (Powered by CyCraft) is leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to advance its detection engines of the cyber threats, so that they can always stay ahead of the attackers. Leveraging behavioural analytics (reinforced learning), Cybots is capable of detecting Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) attack.

Revolutionalise Cybersecurity, Cybots’ XENSOR, CYBERTOTAL and CYCARRIER help you stay ahead of any potential cyber threat. Powered fully by AI-bots, based on reinforced learning methodology, Cybots always give you the lead in your cyber security effort.

The Unique Approach

Cybots uses a completely different architecture and methodology from the traditional Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) method which can be complicated and time-consuming. 

Cybots is not only fast to deploy, but you will also have the expert protecting your environment 24/7 against even the most sophisticated attacks. Thus delivering to your IT team a proactive defence plan through our actionable insights report and a comprehensive remediation plan.

Long Term Benefits

With Cybots proven advanced AI-bot cyber threat detection capabilities, you do not need to invest heavily in unnecessary cyber security products which cause inefficiencies and ineffectiveness.

With Cybots managed detection and remediation service, you do not need to invest heavily on internal security manpower who might not be well-trained to detect and remediate advanced threats.

By subscribing to Cybots MDR service that is powered by CyCraft, you can focus on growing your core business in peace, knowing that any threats lurking in your network will be detected and remediated in the shortest possible time.

Why Cybots?

• Full visibility of endpoint and network activities

• 24/7 proactive threat hunting and forensics

• Remote incident investigation and response

• 24/7 threat hunting for potential attackers

• Single price to enable full features of Cybots

• Advanced behavioral analytics

• Detection of known and unknown threats

• Fully managed cyber security

• From detection to response

Cybots hunt Signature & Behavioural-based discovery of external/insider threats.

What is Threat Hunting?

The process of proactive and interactive searching through the network and data sets to find advanced persistent threats (APT) that evade existing security solutions.

The Solutions

• Outsource the security monitoring and services such as Managed Detection and Remediation (MDR) to external provider, who also specialises in Advanced Persistent Threat (APT). 

• The cost is high as experts are few but it outweighs the benefits.


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